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Environmental design

Junior Achievement

BizTown Center

Permanent Installation at The Georgia
World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA

Working with a team of planners, architects, interior designers, marketing departments and the non-profit's own staff, I created an interactive experience for fifth and sixth graders. The challenge was to create an exhibit which represented one of the business units of RockTenn; we chose the Recycling Division. Each wall described how our recycling facilities operate. A super-large photographic mural, shot in our Chattanooga location, helped to create realism and add depth to our space. The left wall demonstrated the categories of recycling we offer, the right wall showed the life of an item after it's deposited into a recycling bin. The center sculpture displayed a variety of the products produced by the company. As part of their responsibilities, students visited other businesses within the BizTown mock-city, picked up their recyclables, brought them back to our area, weighed them and then calculated the value. They then learn the importance of profit margins as they determine the value in the open market.

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