PACKAGE design

Developed, produced and facilitated compelling, consumer package designs

Wide varieties of products causing the customer to interact and relate and "lift."

In today's world, customers have little time to make choices about the products they buy. Working with entrepreneurs, marketing specialists, sales teams and talented photographers, I've been able to create beautifully engaging products that help our customers stand out on a crowded shelf.


Clorox/Glad Sandwich Bags cartons

Working with Clorox's brand team in California, I helped evolve their graphic design from smaller-sized cartons to club-sized.

Kelloggs snack products expansion project

It's important to study the market prior to pitching creative concepts. Here are some mood boards I put together when researching color trends for new Kelloggs snacks line expansion.

Ryobi Tools

Working with Ryobi's power tool group, I helped develop the photography, layout and production art for this product. 

Makita Group 

Working with Makita's power tool group, I helped develop the photography, layout and production art for this product. 

King's Hawaiian cake structural development

Working with King's Hawaiian marketing group, I art directed a team to help create a carton for an upcoming addition to their bakery line of products -cake. Below shows a few of the cartons in the development process. Final is pending.

Newell Brands: Sharpie carton reshaping/reimagined

Working with Newell's Sharpie pens development group, I provided creative direction to a team to help create a carton which would contain a larger pen count and be presented in a more upscale way, preferably stadium style, as opposed to the current lid/tray style.  Below are developmental images. Final is pending. 


Mohawk Carpeting Group

Helped the Mohawk group expand their carpeting sample program on to these Mylar bags.

Fund-raising corrugated centerpieces (United Way)

Working with internal teams, I helped to create package designs for promotional fund-raisers. The theme for this event was "tail-gating." These corrugated cartons were used as centerpieces for tables at a hotel luncheon. They were so well received that they all vanished at the end of the event.

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